Monday, March 22, 2010

Introducing...{Lola} Boards!

Now that you know a little about us I wanted to introduce you to the initial line-up.

Here are a few pictures of the first series of

Hope you ENJOY!



(This is an example of a custom board, I made this for the little girl I nanny!)




Sunday, March 21, 2010

How It All Started...

Most people, sooner or later, seek some type of creative outlet...a way to express themselves, to leave an original "stamp" upon the world. I guess I'm no different, and have always sought unique avenues through which I could leave MY stamp upon the world...

Christmas was coming and my shopping was done...done except for my sisters-in-law, and I was stuck yet again. Should I get them a gift card (although impersonal it was effective) or another article of clothing to clutter already overflowing closets? No, I wanted to do something DIFFERENT...

I decided I would MAKE something for them...something that would reflect their own unique personalities and interests...but what could I give them?

Then I had an idea...EVERYONE needs a BOARD! It might have pictures on it, or a "to do" list, the kids' chores, or a motivational quote, etc. but my own board, hanging in my kitchen, was so boring and bland. I thought..."if someone has to look at something every day, why not make it worth it?"

And so, on the night before Christmas Eve, until 4:00 in the morning,

{Lola} Boards was born...

So...this is me, offering all of you, a piece of my own little contribution to the world. After all, if you're going to hang pictures, leave a message, motivate yourself, or tell him to take out the trash...why not do it with STYLE? So, thank you for taking a moment, and...

Welcome to {Lola} Boards!