Sunday, March 21, 2010

How It All Started...

Most people, sooner or later, seek some type of creative outlet...a way to express themselves, to leave an original "stamp" upon the world. I guess I'm no different, and have always sought unique avenues through which I could leave MY stamp upon the world...

Christmas was coming and my shopping was done...done except for my sisters-in-law, and I was stuck yet again. Should I get them a gift card (although impersonal it was effective) or another article of clothing to clutter already overflowing closets? No, I wanted to do something DIFFERENT...

I decided I would MAKE something for them...something that would reflect their own unique personalities and interests...but what could I give them?

Then I had an idea...EVERYONE needs a BOARD! It might have pictures on it, or a "to do" list, the kids' chores, or a motivational quote, etc. but my own board, hanging in my kitchen, was so boring and bland. I thought..."if someone has to look at something every day, why not make it worth it?"

And so, on the night before Christmas Eve, until 4:00 in the morning,

{Lola} Boards was born...

So...this is me, offering all of you, a piece of my own little contribution to the world. After all, if you're going to hang pictures, leave a message, motivate yourself, or tell him to take out the trash...why not do it with STYLE? So, thank you for taking a moment, and...

Welcome to {Lola} Boards!


  1. Lis!
    I love it! I would like you to make me a custom size for a specific spot in my kitchen and I would love a BYU one for my son's room.
    Can you??

  2. Truds I'd love to do a custom one for you I just need the dimensions of the space you're trying to fill. Also I'm actually working on a couple boards for BYU & the U. I'll post as soon as they're done!


  3. We LOVE our Lola board. It is hung in Lilly's room with pictures on it. It is so unique and we get comments on it all the time. Lilly loves taking the magnets on and off the board. I am going to want another one when we move into our new house. It is great because stainless steel appliances don't hold magnets. This is the perfect solution to that. They are unique and functional too. Thanks Lisa! You are awesome.